Our mind is a garden
And meditation, the gardener

Many people don't understand the value of meditation. And rightfully so .. A far more subtle practice than most can understand. At first glance it just looks like sitting quietly in isolation, legs and feet falling asleep.. You can't blame people for laughing at the idea - what progress can be made by such silliness

But the beauty and benefit of regular meditation lies where no one else can see (at the typical level of consciousness). When one sits silently, with nothing but their thoughts and subtle sensory stimuli, they tend to realize a few things about themselves. Things that used to stress us out, no longer do. Things that we used to think mattered, we no longer desire. Those who feel lost and without purpose, see the reasons they are alive

Countless studies have shown strong correlations between those who meditate and reduced levels of stress, lowered chances of coronary disease, and reduced rates of illnesses like type 2 diabetes, insomnia, even cancer.

Daniel Rāma