“Realize that we live in a broken world.”
  ~ Rabbi Yoel Glick

We must realize that every person on some level is broken. This is one of the most profound realizations which we will ever have the painful pleasure of knowing. In this world, nothing feels whole. Nothing is as we wish it would be; and if you think otherwise, you're either completely realized or completely blinded by wrong knowledge. We struggle to be our authentic selves in a world where nothing seems to be quite right. Sometimes this feeling is covered up by external excitement. Sometimes we forget out broken nature, both individually and as a whole. This is the first truth the ancient prophets tell us about our existence on Earth.

The mystics speak of a second experience that comes out of their merging with the Divine. Every time they go up into that higher realm, and glimpse the absolute, they learn that they can bring a little bit of that light and harmony back into this world. So they teach us that not only is the world broken, but also that it doesn’t have to remain that way. We can repair the world.

We repair the world by finding that divinity in all that exists. By realizing that we live in two contrasting realities at once. One reality of name and form, a world of outer appearance; and existing underneath is the reality of pure light; beautiful sparks of divine light, imbued in everything we see and everyone that we meet.

The mystics say that God is within us; that Divinity dwells within us and within all things. When you begin to recognize this divinity within you and all others, you will begin to recognize and utilize your real, raw potential. Lofty goals are accomplished easily by you. Obstacle are obliterated merely by bringing attention to them. What ever we want is within reach, if only we realize that I am That.