For the past few days, a particular friend from back home has been popping into my mind. I won't mention any names, but I will tell you a story.

This guy is an amazing individual; but to be honest, he has a bit of an issue. He lives in a simple apartment. Complete with bedroom, kitchen, living room and an office. If you walk into his place you wouldn't know he has a problem at first. Every room is quite well kept; until you walk into his  office. The once promising work space now seems to act as a storage centre for heaps of my friends miscellaneous crap.

Anytime he comes across some thing that is, in that moment, not needed, he opens the office door and aimlessly tosses it in there. I've seen him do it a million times. Honestly I would be surprised if he can call to mind even 10% of the abandoned oddities in that office.

Of course, he eventually began to run out of space for extra crap, and one day he decided it was time to clear some space. I'll never forget seeing the look on his face when he finally, consciously, opened that door. The look of utter disbelief. My friend, finally coming face to face with his useless items, forgotten from eons ago.

We all have a little weirdness within us, but other than his obvious hoarding issue, my friend is a stand up guy. I felt for his situation, and naturally wanted to do what I could to help him clean up his unconsciously created mess.

If you've ever seen the TV show "Hoarders" you'll know the shit storm I just strolled into. My friend had trouble letting go of items he didn't even remember owning! It took us forever just to visibly locate all four office walls! He even got mad at me, yes me, the good Samaritan just lending a hand, on more than one occasion.

Within what felt like weeks we did manage to salvage the situation; and in the end, my friend found freedom from a life once bound by unneeded sense objects.

To be honest, we all have a friend like mine. He lives as subtle matter and is the basis of all thought. This friend constitutes the ego, the instincts, intellect and intuition. All too often, we coexist in an unconscious state, aimlessly tossing unneeded thoughts into an office of subconscious impressions. Until one day we decided to clean, to meditate.

Our friend in this story was shocked at the mess he made in his unconscious state. So too, in the initial stages of mediation, is the practitioner discouraged by unforeseen difficulties. Take to meditation and do not give up! One can either work hard to pacify the mind, or live a life of constant yet unseen clutter.