Our existence is much like a rocket, designed to carry payload into upper Earth orbit. Within this individual rocket there are various stages, various engines rather, that activate at different altitudes along the way.

Starting with the powerful gross boosters. The catalytic explosion needed to break free from the gravity we've grown accustomed to. Strong as it is, after some time, that initial blast is no longer sufficient. A second stage booster is needed to carry the payload into a low Earth orbit.

At this level, the big picture begins to become clear. Not the whole Earth, but a small fraction of the whole is seen; a taste of the beauty that lies ahead.

After some time longer, that second stage booster too becomes ineffective. A third and final engine is needed to reach the upper Earth orbit. Here we see the sphere in its entirety. This is a place where the picture is perfect and all mysteries become known.

In the same fashion, the individual vehicle will utilize different engines while traveling towards the ultimate goal. Some of us will linger a little longer at various stages - low Earth orbit seems pretty  incredible for the one who looses sight of that which lies above - and in relation to a single cycle, some will never leave the comfort of solid ground. Some might never even consider the benefits of rocket science. But eventually, our innate curiosity kicks in. We begin to gather information from our surroundings. We begin to act upon that newfound knowledge, and eventually the result is a vessel built by the intellect, intent on breaking the forces that bind, and catapulting you towards a more intuitive state of Being.

The goal, my friends, is space; or rather, spacelessness; and we are all rocket scientists in one way or another.