If you've ever experienced, or at least heard about a traditional Indian wedding, you'll know that they are quite the production. These events have been known to last two, maybe three or even four full days! And they are by no means limited to merely family and friends.

While travelling through India, I remember hearing about one such wedding. Set on the outskirts of New Delhi, in a facility fit for the most elegant king and queen. From elaborate decor, to food and drink for thousands, to an entire orchestra, even and a band of jewel encrusted elephants; they had absolutely everything at this wedding!

Normally a wedding such as this would be a complete nightmare on the organizational end. But this particular wedding was being guided by the most gifted of gentlemen. This guy was nothing short of Godly! He made sure everyone knew what their purpose, and that everything was in its intended place. As the ceremony began this guy directed people to their appropriate seats; he made sure all were enjoying themselves and addressed any hiccups quickly. The first day was a stunning success. The bride-to-be's father was especially impressed by the organizational skills of the gentleman.

On day two of the festival, the fathers of both bride and groom came together for a celebratory drink. They discussed the smoothness of the ceremony thus far, and the brides father expressed gratitude towards the groom's father for hiring such a skilled wedding organizer.

A little taken a back, the grooms father responded, "I thought that organizer was with your side?"

Neither family had hired the man. In fact, the organizer was just a regular guy who wanted a few free meals. He randomly walked into the wedding and started telling people what to do. And of course, no one questioned him because he was doing such an incredible job!

Angry at having been taken advantage of, the fathers began to search the party, intent on confronting the imposter in their presence. They searched and they searched, but neither father could find the imposter. You see, the imposter noticed that the fathers were on to him, and silently left the party before being found. 

Take that story slightly out of context and what do we find? 

This wedding is the story of human life. We rarely question the one in control, especially if things appear to be moving smoothly. And in relation to the typical human experience, who or what is in control? Is it you? ... No. But maybe one day ... 

The mind is the thing behind the wheel of our life. In the initial stages, we might not notice it, or if we do notice, we might not care because the mind seems to be doing such a good job. But anyway we look at it, the mind is an imposter. It is an uninvited guest. And as long as it is in control, our life is a lie.

What interests me most is the result of the search. Just as the fathers could not locate the imposter within the realm of the wedding, so too is our relationship with the mind. As soon as one begins to search. As soon as one employs meditative techniques and brings intense awareness to the here and now, the mind disappears. For mind cannot exist in the presence of pure awareness.