Standards for New Teachers

Successful graduation from the Becoming Balance 200hr Yoga Teacher Training Program requires that all new yoga teachers meet the standards outlined below:

  1. Graduates are able to properly guide students, with effective language, through the Becoming Balance Vinyasa Sequence, as well as showcase an ability to provide postural adjustments, modifications and adaptations.

  2. Graduates must possess a basic understanding of all curriculum materials including yoga philosophy, human anatomy & physiology, nutrition, mantra, pranayama and mediation.

  3. Graduates showcase the virtues of integrity, sincerity, positivity and discipline.

  4. Graduates are committed to the continued development of their personal practice in all aspects associated with traditional yogic methodology.

  5. Graduates conform to the Becoming Balance Terms & Conditions as outlined below.

Terms & Conditions

To participate in the Becoming Balance 200hr Yoga Teacher Training program, all students are required to agree to the following Terms & Conditions. The Instructors reserve the right to dismiss any individual who does not fully agree to the Terms & Conditions as outlined below: 

  1. Attendance in all sessions is 100% mandatory.

  2. Any form of bullying or the spreading of negativity is grounds for immediate removal from the program.

  3. The use of drugs and other illicit substances is strictly prohibited.

  4. The content of the Becoming Balance 200hr Handbook is copyrighted and cannot be copied or redistributed in any format without the express written consent of the author.

  5. Graduation and Certification from this program are not guaranteed. In order to successfully complete this program, all students must meet the Becoming Balance standards for new yoga teachers, as outlined on the previous page.

  6. Daniel De France and Sarah Bonsall cannot be held responsible for any personal injury or loss of personal belongings suffered prior to, during, or after the program as a result of any information and/ or instruction provided.